Facebook Meta Universe – Facebook changes company name to “meta”

Facebook meta universe,  After a whistleblower disclosed hundreds of internal papers, Facebook is changing its name as it switches its attention to the “meta-verse” and faces widespread criticism of the real-world problems caused by its numerous platforms.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that the firm will change its name to Meta, thereby relegating the company’s eponymous service to a subsidiary, like Instagram, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp, rather than the overall brand.

Outside of its California offices, the company also changed its official sign, which had an image of a “thumbs up,” with one that included its new logo: a blue infinity symbol.


A 3D environment where we may interact and play. the next stage of social interaction. “META”

Facebook is one of the most used products in the history of the world, But now In a press statement, the corporation previously known as Facebook also stated that it intends to begin trading under the stock symbol “MVRS” on December 1.

The name was inspired by the Greek term meta, which signifies “beyond,” according to Zuckerberg, who claimed he liked studying classics in school. “It represents to me that there’s still more to develop.”


Key features of Meta

On Thursday, Facebook did not even make any executive changes. On Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook profile, however, his professional title has been modified to “Founder and CEO at Meta.”

When asked by The Insider if he planned to stay as CEO of Facebook for the next five years, Zuckerberg replied: “Most likely. I don’t have a set deadline for how long I want to do this. I suppose I might say that I’m quite thrilled about the next phase of our work.”

Zuckerberg began the huge product presentation by promising dozens of new new social, gaming, and workplace concepts for the metaverse – and by noting the optics of focusing on such things in the midst of increasing scrutiny of the corporation.

Facebook displayed a series of concept animations highlighting its vision for the metaverse, such as sending a holographic representation of oneself to a concert with a buddy who is actually going, sitting around virtual meeting tables with faraway coworkers, or playing immersive games with pals. Facebook recently announced that it will recruit 10,000 workers throughout Europe to develop the concept.

Zuckerberg also revealed plans for a virtual marketplace where developers can sell virtual products, as well as a redesigned home page in Oculus Quest to make talking and gaming in the virtual world more sociable.

“Your devices will no longer be the center of your attention,” he stated. “In the next five to ten years, we’ll start to see a lot of these technologies come together. A lot of this will become commonplace, and many of us will be building and inhabiting worlds as vivid and compelling as this one on a regular basis.”


Facebook meta universe Old wine in new bottle.
A fox may change its hair, but not its tricks.
No talent clown company became famous and changed its name  Facebook meta universe
the term metadata now has a whole new meaning. 

A name change won’t be enough to shield Facebook from the latest wave of backlash prompted by a trove of leaked documents. 

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