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1 Million Followers with Verified Badge

We offer a complete package to boost your all major social media accounts that mean you are buying 1 Million followers with verification badge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok. The whole process will take less than 1 month.

We only provide your Target country audiences with Ads campaigns that have a natural pattern of daily growth of your social media accounts in accordance with all social media industry norms and regulations.

It’s best fame package for your brand/profile because at the same time you get 1 million followers with verified badge and provide notability to your brand. We guarantee that none of our services have harmed or banned your account.

1 Million Followers with Verified Badge – Specifications

  • Organic Growth with Ads campaigns!
  • Estimated Start Time: 1 to 6 Hours
  • Delivery Speed: 10k to 30k per Day, We increase speed after getting basic
  • Order complete in less than 1 month
  • Quality: Premium Quality, Only Target countries Audience
  • you will Get Free likes, comments, Views, on Your all social media Accounts.
  • Refill : Lifetime Guarantee!
  • We only require your Profile or Channel links, URL.
We also deal with your custom order, If you have any Query please contact our live Helpdesk


How many services you will get in this package.

  • 1 Million YouTube Subscribers
  •  1 Million Instagram Followers
  • 1 Million Facebook Followers
  • 1 Million Twitter Followers
  • 1 Million Tiktok Followers

Verification service also included in this package.

  • Facebook Verification Enable
  • YouTube Verification Enable
  • Twitter Verification Enable
  • Tiktok Verification Enable
  • Instagram Verification Enable

1 review for 1 million followers with verified badge

  1. aralin

    Getting a million followers across all of our social media accounts is a difficult challenge for our brand, but thanks to your wonderful service, we were able to accomplish it with verification.
    One problem, the entire process took 40 days.

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