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radio airplay promotion

Radio Airplay Promotion Campaign can increase your popularity and empower you to gain actual fans for as little as $1 per spin. Special for you, we prepared radio airplay promotion packages American Radio stations for Hip-Hop. Jazz and R&B songs. we promote your track at FM 103.5 and FM 105.9

Radio Airplay campaigns package design monthly airplay spin, and you may select the actual FM radio station below for your 1-3 tracks.

1 song gets 2 – 4 spins per day on radio station for 30 days, 120 spins in a month. 

Radio airplay is the most powerful channel for music spread and promotion just start your promotion Promote your music on Radio and get new fans. Best ROI.

1 US Radio Station Airplay or radio FM airplay packages below select the bar. 

  1. POWER 105.8 LAS VEGAS
  2. POWER 104.8 TAMPA
  3. POWER 106.1 SAN DIEGO
  4. POWER 109.1 ATLANTA
  5. POWER 107.1 HOUSTON
  6. POWER 103.1 NEW YORK

Radio Airplay Promotion : Notes

we provide you tracker you can check up how many times your song was played : radio airplay monitoring Here

Our stations weekly reach over 1.1 Million across Apple Music, Tuning, Shout-cast, and our partner website. Send us your CD/mixtape (or even a vinyl) URL

Delivery time – 30 days. Durability guarantee . 24/7 support

radio airplay promotion
radio airplay promotion

What does airplay mean in music?

The frequency with which a song is played on radio stations is referred to as airplay in radio broadcasting. A song with a considerable quantity of airplay (spins) would have a significant amount of radio. A radio station’s broadcast of a musical recording, usually a tune that has had a lot of airplay.

What is a spin on radio Airplay?

A “spin” is a single radio station’s play (or in a club). The best method to maximize spins is to make them as tough to obtain as possible. So, for college radio, you go to online stations, or for commercial radio, you go to unrated and small market regular rotation stations (especially in the overnights).

how does radio airplay work!

Listeners may see your profile as an artist when your song is aired on Radio Airplay. The listener has the chance to vote for your music on your profile. It is up to the listener to vote for or against your music. Radio airplay can help you promote your song. We’ll perform your song in front of millions of people – that’s a promise! Simply submit your music and it will be played!

radio airplay promotion
radio airplay promotion

How do I get airplay radio?

  • Choose your desire airplay package
  • Click on Add to Cart then  redirect to the payment screen.
  • Copy and paste your Track URL into the dedicated box at checkout page.
  • Finish the payment process safely with Crypto Currency.
  • You will receive our email and our expert will talk to you If needed.
  • After 2 days we send you all details for your feature spins.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for! Contact us! You can send a message or email us at info@fameseller.net. We’ll happy to assist you.

radio airplay promotion
radio airplay promotion

Radio Airplay Promotion Campaign can increase your popularity and empower you to gain actual fans for as little as $1 per spin.

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2 reviews for Radio Airplay Promotion Packages

  1. Star Nettles

    nice service to promote a single track on us radio. i appreciate your fm radio promotion service.
    just decrease the price for full album promoter.

  2. Dudeen

    appreciated your radio airplay service. find the list of my track spin but in the end I saw extra spin. Thanks you so much. I’ll come again.

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