Crypto Casino Crash Mines Dice

Bitcoin, Lite coin, Ethereum, ERC-20, Doge coin, TRX, and Bitcoin Cash are among the seven cryptocurrencies we provide. If you don’t want to host wallet nodes yourself, we’ve introduced BitGo functionality to the most recent version of Win5X. Crash, Slide, and Baccarat are all games designed for multiple players at once. The original crash BTC game,make your online BTC game.

We use our own Web Socket implementation on the server. Web Sockets give a persistent connection to the server, resulting in faster answers. Furthermore, this is a Vue. JS based SPA project, which improves the user experience significantly.

Source code is always available. These “configure everything for you” services will give you with a server.

Crypto Casino Crash Mines Dice – Specifications

  • Crypto Casino Crash Mines Dice
  • Content: Yes
  • Gender: Multi
  • Account name: Alphabet Latin
  • Registration IP Geo: Yes
  • Email address inclusion: Included
  • Phone registration: Yes
  • Format: login, password, login form address,
  • What Included: NodeJS, Socket
  • Order may take up to 24 Hours to Deliver.
  • If you have any Questions feel free to ask us at  info@fameseller.net


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