1 Million Spotify Premium Plays Album

HUGE 1 Million Spotify Premium Plays album pack for the US or your Target country. Become the king of internet music by standing out from the swarm of streaming music. Increase your internet visibility by purchasing Spotify premium plays for your tunes.

Give your song a global boost with a consistent stream of mass premium plays, spread for maximum realism and impact. Get your song or any track “Spotify one million spins album” today. ONE MILLION, to be exact! Fameseller.net is the best place to buy Spotify premium plays for single track also.

All plays accrue to your Spotify statistics and royalty payouts!

1 Million Spotify Premium Plays Album – Specification

  • Start Time: 1 – 3 hours
  • Speed: 5k – 20k per day
  • Quality: Premium plays from: USA/CA/EU/AU/NZ/UK.
  • Refill: Lifetime Guarantee
  • Link: Insert Spotify single track URL
  • Example: https://open.spotify.com/track/33EzyurvLbxGVlqjchjrbe
  • Split option: You have choice to split 1 Million on your 1 to 13 Tracks in your album.
  • Note: Make your account and track public before order
  • If you have any Questions feel free to ask our Helpdesk


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